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Wire Fraud (Comments by Mr. Cohen, Case Results)

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A wire fraud is essentially any scheme to defraud accomplished through the use of the wires. In this day and age that would include the internet.

I have handled scores of these cases over the years both as a federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney specializing in the field of federal criminal defense.

I just recently concluded a massive income tax fraud defense which involved a tax refund of over 1.6 million dollars. Because the fraud was engineered through online applications for income tax refunds the government filed the case as a wire fraud prosecution. This case had a number of possible defenses built into it. First since the government had charged the case as a wire fraud conspiracy my client intended to raise the defense of lack of personal knowledge concerning the actions taken by his co-conspirator. Just because the Government files charges like this doesn't mean it will be an easy task to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

I have successfully defended many wire fraud cases over the years attacking such cases on the facts. Although each case is different, my vast experience in helping defendants charged with wire fraud can only be immeasurably helpful to my future clients charged with this crime.

Remember, as I have said in the past, knowledge and intent are always a defense to any crime regardless of how severe the possible penalty may be. My 38 years of experience in defending cases like this as an experienced and passionate trial lawyer ready to do battle for my client when necessary is the best defense, particularly if after appropriate consultation my client considers whether or not he wishes to vindicate his position by taking the stand in his own defense.

My years of experience are immensely useful in helping my clients make such decisions

Let me help you just as I have helped many such clients in the past who have been charged with wire fraud.

To read a current article posted on my blog about an attorney who was recently found guilty of three counts of wire fraud and was a close associate of jailed notorious Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstein , click here.

Rothstein was found guilty of the largest Ponzi scheme in Florida's history

Wire Fraud in Detail, the Government's Burden, and Penalties of a Conviction?

The crime of wire fraud, also known as communications fraud is a federal offense that involves the use of any electronic communication during any stage of an interstate scheme to defraud another individual or group of persons by illegally obtaining property or money, illegally gathering personal information, as well as damaging or harming another person or group of individuals by its results. In the mid 1950's, Congress expanded the range of the crime to include communications regarding foreign commerce.

This type of fraud was primarily defined as utilizing either wire, such as a telephone or telegraph, or making use of radio waves and/or television signals. The use of cell phones, fax machines or any other devices of recent technological advancement which have the ability to relay data overseas or across state lines to commit acts of this type is also now included as implements that can be used to commit this type of fraud.

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