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The Turnpike Murder Case Revisited Three Years Later

United States v. Daniel Troya and Ricardo Sanchez Jr.

It was a case of national significance covered by among other publications and networks the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post,Fox News CBS News and the New York Times; On March 31, 2009 a federal jury in Palm Beach county concluded its work in the case of United States v.Daniel Troya and Ricardo Sanchez Jr. after a three month long trial in this Federal murder case.

At the sentencing Troya offered an apology saying "First and Foremost, to the victims and family members, I would like to apologize" he said. "Basically I'm sorry to my family, the people that put faith in me to be good";

Sanchez expressed to the court that he was innocent. "I want to tell Luis (sic) and Yesica's families sorry for the tragedy or whatever" said Sanchez, "But I am innocent and they will see that when it comes back on appeal."

That appeal is proceeding with Sanchez's brief due to be filed in March of 2012 in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

The case was tried before the Honorable Daniel Hurley United States District Court Judge.

Among others, Michael B. Cohen, Esq. represented Mr.Sanchez during the trial. As further events develop we will attempt to keep you up-to-date regarding the progress of the case.

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