Sexual Assault (Hockey Mom)

Found guilty this week of sexually assaulting a 16 year old boy, hockey mom Kathia Maria Davis who admitted to having sex with, although according to her criminal defense attorney, she claimed she believed him to be over 18 years of age at the time.

Ms. Davis is alleged to have lured her son's hockey co-players to her house under the assurance of drinking liquor, harming her station of confidence among other parents of the team. She was accused her of arranging for the youngsters what was termed a 'party house' by prosecutors. It is alleged that there, they could drink without consequence in spite of being under the legal drinking age. The prosecution also claimed that she was a party to sexual actions with two of the kids in the course of a sleepover party, as her own children were sleeping in the same bedroom.

Ms. Davis maintains her absence of guilt in reference to any charges involving the second boy, who was 13-years-old, at the time, according to her criminal defense attorney. Thus far the jury has failed to reach an agreement about whether or not she is guilty of sexually assaulting this alleged second victim. A retrial will be held over these charges regarding the same offense, which will be held in early November. Two jurors not entirely believing the second, younger boy's testimony was the cause of a hung jury according to criminal defense attorney David Cohn who made this statement to The Orange County Register.

Davis faces up to 17 years and eight months in prison if convicted of sexual assault, the conviction relating to the 16-year-old carrying a maximum of five years. She may also be placed on the sex offenders register.

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