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Sex Offender Found In Mexico

Sex offender
Sex crimes

In November 2000, when accused sex offender, Wesley Thomason was placed under arrest for tempting girls under the legal age, using unlawful narcotics in an attempt to persuade them to have sex with him consensually, (and unbeknownst to the girls, videotaping all the activity which followed), he fled the U.S. to Mexico to evade trial for these sex crimes while he was out on bail. He had somehow managed to avoid capture ever since; until now.

After 12 years, Mr. Thomason has finally been apprehended in Mexico.

This year, Thomason, was found to be living in a Mexican resort community south of Guadalajara.

Previously in the year, The United States Marshals Service established some form of information detailing with where he lived in Mexico. They then delivered this information to Mexican authorities, whose law enforcement agency was finally able to capture him; Bud Walker, the arresting Officer said.

He was arrested in July, 2012 and then expelled from Mexico, to the U.S. through deportation He is currently being held in jail without bond.

Suspected sex offender Thomason is now looking at multiple charges, specifically; the manufacture of sexually explicit material relating to a minor, carnal knowledge, and indecent liberties as well as possessing cocaine. All of the charges stemming from the alleged sex crimes dating back to 2000. It is also assumed that he will be charged for failing to appear at trial, as well as fleeing the U.S. to avoid trial.

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