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Fort Lauderdale Attorneys Focused on Criminal Defense

The attorneys of Michael B. Cohen, P.A. are dedicated to the defense of those accused of federal or state crimes in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere throughout Florida. Read more about our practice of criminal law and the various steps in the criminal law process:

How We can Help You

We are thoroughly familiar with all facets of federal and state criminal law and criminal defense. We use this deep knowledge and experience to assist you at each stage of the process. Subject to your specific situation, our firm may take any or all of the subsequent actions to advance your position in each particular case:

  • Negotiating to have any charges against you dropped or reduced in penalty
  • Consulting with police and/or other persons that may be a part of the criminal situation to expose misrepresentations, falsehoods or exaggerations
  • Independently investigate the circumstances of the crime
  • Search for and engage witnesses to the crime who may testify on your behalf
  • Conclude whether any of the evidence against you was gained by illegal methods
  • Retain our own private investigators to assist in the disclosure of evidence that might prove to work in your favor
  • Employ expert witnesses to reinforce defensive arguments with their testimony
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the charges and consequences

It is also important to understand that a substantial amount of criminal cases never make it to trial. Properly handled, many cases are settled out of court.
When the potential risk/reward of the circumstances and potential consequences seem not to be in our favor we usually recommend that our clients accept a plea bargain, if offered, as a better potential alternative than going to trial.

Zealous Defense of Your Constitutional Rights

Once you are certain that an experienced, steadfast criminal defense lawyer is required in the Fort Lauderdale area as well as all other areas of the South Florida region, get in touch with the experienced law practice of Michael B. Cohen, P.A. online or phone me directly at 954.928.0059, in Dade & Broward County 561.366.8200, in the Palm Beach Metro area, and 212.448.6259 in the New York metropolitan area.

Mr. Cohen is now "of counsel" in New York City for the distinguished law firm of McLaughlin & Stern, LLP.  Click here to visit the Website.