One-time NFL Star Eric Naposki Murder Case

Eric Andrew Naposki, who at one time was a rising star in the National Football League was sentenced to a term of life with no opportunity for parole for the murder of his lover’s fiancée almost 20 years ago. Mr. Naposki was sentenced this week, a year after he was convicted of first-degree murder after 17 years in a case that went cold but was reopened in 2007.

Naposki, 47 aimed and fired his gun at William Francis McLaughlin, 55 at the request of the woman he loved, according to prosecutors, At the time, which was 17 years ago, Nanette Ann Packard (Johnson), was engaged to Mr. McLaughlin,. The couple purportedly colluded to carry out the murder for-money killing to cash in on a million dollar life insurance policy payout. on Mr. McLaughlin's life. Ms. Packard was also charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. Johnston, 46, supposedly told Mr. Naposki that they would profit from a $1 million life insurance policy and be able to take over McLaughlin’s beach house.

Mr. Naposki, who once played for the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, was then found guilty of arriving and entering the house of Mr. McLaughlin. He used a key apparently delivered to him by Johnson and then murdered Mr. Naposki in cold blood, firing his gun six times at the 55-year-old businessman hitting him with all bullets in or around the chest.

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