Murder: William Davis, Death Penalty

Begging a stunned jury to condemn him to the death penalty, convicted murderer William Davis said that he'd rather face death than pass the balance of the years he had left to live incarcerated.

Mr. Davis was convicted of kidnapping, raping and the pre-meditated murder of a 19-year-old Florida girl, Fabiana Malave three years ago. Miss Malave worked in an car dealership where he kidnapped her and then forced her to go to his house, where the teen was raped by him before being murdered.

According to his defense attorney as well as CFNews13, Davis told the jury “There is nothing that I can do that will ever bring Miss Malave back to her mother and her sisters, and her cousins and her brothers, nephews, nieces, and I firmly believe that you should give an advisory sentencing recommendation to the judge giving me the death penalty.”

Mr. Davis also repeatedly stated that he did not want to live then next 40-50 years of his life in prison. Davis had mentioned that he had been imprisoned eight or nine times. He said that he would rather die than go back there. According to Davis’s criminal defense attorney, the members of the jury have the option to recommend death by lethal injection of life without parole.

The jury are expected to return their decision later today.

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