Murder, Homicide, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter

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I have handled many cases over the years concerning the deaths of individuals whom the prosecution has sought to incarcerate.
I have tried cases as complete as federal death penalty cases as well as reckless homicide matters.
In one federal death penalty case we were able to avoid the imposition of the death penalty which the prosecution had considered seeking. In another I spent nearly three months in trial, cross examining nearly 70 witnesses.
In a reckless homicide case involving the death of my client's stepdaughter in the back of his car which collided with a train ultimately the conviction of my client was reversed by the Court of Appeals
In all of these matters my vast experience was brought to beat to obtain the most favorable result possible, whether at trial or laying the groundwork for a successful appeal.
I always believe in putting the prosecution to the test at trial if it is the client's stated desire to try his case and this is particular true in homicide prosecutions.

When a person is charged with a crime that results with the death of another individual it can be categorized under various areas of criminal law. Below, and on the following pages I will list many of these categories, their definitions, and penalties of conviction, as well as defenses that can be used to contest them.

To fully understand all of the topics that will be listed in the next few pages it will first be important to be able to distinguish the differences among the crimes of Murder, Homicide and Manslaughter.

In its simplest terms, homicide is the killing of one individual by another. Manslaughter is an act to harm someone that results in death, and murder is exclusively a criminal offense where one individual had intent to kill another person with or without advanced planning.

All three of these categories can be further broken down into subclasses depending on the circumstances of the act.

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