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Mortgage Fraud

If you are charged with Mortgage Fraud in the Fort Lauderdale area, it is essential that you speak with a Federal Mortgage Fraud Attorney with strong knowledge of this topic of the law.

Michael B. Cohen is a Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Fraud Attorney with the necessary experience to battle the government's allegations in these types of cases.

If you or someone you know and care about is charged with this crime, call the Fort Lauderdale Mortgage Fraud Law Office of Michael B. Cohen, Esq.

Mortgage fraud is the material falsification of facts by either a lending institution or a purchaser regarding the application for, or the approval a mortgage. Being charged for mortgage fraud on a federal level is an exceedingly serious offense. A charge of federal mortgage fraud involves the defrauding of a federally insured lending institution. An accused individual or group that has been charged or indicted, in addition to facing the monetary penalties of the tangible loss triggered by the fraud may be held responsible for the anticipated total of losses that have not yet reach fulfillment. The Fraud Enforcement & Recovery Act (FERA) was signed into law in 2009. Under this federal law, fines may be assessed up to one million dollars as well as imposition of a thirty year minimum prison term. State charges may vary in the amount of monetary penalties and jail time, but either scenario will conclude with harsh results for a conviction.

Mortgage fraud should not be confused with predatory lending. A predatory lender is defined as a financial institution which takes advantage of prospective property buyers who may be uneducated in current lending practices as well as interest rates; who are convinced by the institutions to agree to loans that the lenders recognize as not being in the best interests of the purchasers. Examples of this can be loans with fluctuating interest rates that become higher than the purchaser can afford after a certain time-frame, as well as loans that initiate with higher interest rates than the going (interest) rate at the time the loan is executed.

Below is an Example of a Recent Mortgage Fraud Case

According to the Associated Press, Federal authorities say Michael Russo and Melissa Valentin have been sentenced for a mortgage fraud scheme in Connecticut. Each pled guilty to plot to commit wire and mail fraud.

Russo who is a licensed real estate sales broker fraudulently purchased 8 properties which eventually concluded in foreclosure, subsequently producing losses of investment to the investors of in excess of more than $1.7 million according to the U.S. Attorney's office. He was sentenced this week to 21 months in prison.

Authorities say Valentin bought about five houses in the Connecticut area by providing false information on mortgage loan applications. Valentin received an 18 month-sentence for this crime of mortgage fraud, the last half of which she must spend in home confinement.

If you, a friend, or family member is charged, arrested or under investigation for Mortgage Fraud, Mail Fraud, or Wire Fraud, Mr. Cohen can help! Click here to read what you should do next.

Michael B. Cohen’s experience as a federal mortgage fraud lawyer who practices in Fort Lauderdale, the Palm Beaches as well as the surrounding areas of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties can be a supportive force for the defense, fighting all charges filed by the prosecution.

His federal training includes:

  • Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida
  • Assistant State Attorney in Broward County
  • Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida

Mr. Cohen’s entire list of qualifications can be viewed by clicking here.