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Money Laundering Cases

Michael B. Cohen Esq., is a Fort Lauderdale based Money Laundering attorney with a convenient office in West Palm Beach for those north of his main location.

His practice focuses on federal criminal defense law but he is also experienced in cases that have been filed against his clients by the State of Florida.

He has successfully tried countless cases relating to money laundering for the defense as well as the government over his forty year career.

In the above video he will explain the crime in detail and describe the topic below:

I have handled many cases of this type over the years; the sum and substance of the violation is the exchange of tainted funds the source of which is disguised into legitimate funds. Money laundering can be as simple an act as making a deposit of tainted funds into a bank account. It is commonly charged in federal Indictments with narcotics offenses and provides a more stringent scheme of punishment under the federal sentencing guidelines generally being tied to the amount of the laundered funds at issue for sentencing purposes.

Call my office to make an appointment at 954.928.0059 if the situation arises that you, a close friend or relative is charged with the crime of Money Laundering. My law firm is conveniently located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale with a secondary easily accessible office in the West Palm Beach area.

As a former Assistant Attorney General as well as an Assistant United States Attorney, previously working for the prosecution, my expansive familiarity with the government’s case will assist my clients’ and become a vital benefit on their behalf. As a team we will combat all charges brought forth by the prosecution, assuring the best possible result by the delivery of a well-planned defense.

Don’t put off making the call. Initiating a creative, well thought out clever defense at the earliest instant of a criminal proceeding can only assist in gaining a positive outcome. Again, call me at any of the phone numbers listed above for immediate assistance if a charge of Money Laundering is purported by the prosecution. My close to forty years of experience will be of great assistance to you or someone close to you who has been charged with this crime.

Recent Money Laundering Case in the News

In U.S. District Court, Adrian Tate Taylor, a man who authorities say directed a drug ring between Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which provided a considerable amount of Pittsburgh's cocaine, pleaded guilty to the federal drug charges of money laundering and the distribution of narcotics.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Mr. Taylor disclosed his part of a complex scheme that purportedly shipped in excess of seventy kilograms of cocaine to Pennsylvania which originated from the State of Texas.

Mr. Taylor, who was indicted for his crimes, will forfeit $700,000 in cash and his vehicle as part of his plea agreement. Found guilty of two earlier felony drug charges against him, in one case he has now pled guilty to the charge of the distribution of narcotics and related charges, and correspondingly pleaded guilty to a direct charge of laundering of which the proceeds of the sales profited his illicit business.

After monitoring numerous deals using eleven informants in addition to live surveillance pole cameras Taylor was arrested by the U.S. attorney's Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force along with numerous additional men.

Other means of surveillance used in the sting were cell phone tapping, pen registers, and “trash pulls” which are a technique for attaining evidence that frequently affords legal grounds to acquire a search warrant based on its findings.

According to his criminal defense attorney, he will be looking at a minimum of twenty years to a possibility of life imprisonment once he is sentenced this coming January. There is the possibility he may be aided from a cooperation agreement which was agreed upon by an office of the United States.

Any allegations for the distribution of narcotics on a state or federal level are serious. Laundering the proceeds exacerbates the charges and can increase the term of sentencing if a conviction is achieved by the prosecution.

If you are charged with any of the offenses listed above a qualified criminal defense lawyer is needed to protect your rights and fight any charges brought forth by the prosecution on your behalf.

Mr. Cohen's experience and qualifications as a Fort Lauderdale money laundering attorney with these types of cases makes him the optimal choice to lead this type of defense. His qualifications can be read on his bio page and his honors and certifications can be found by clicking here. Call for immediate assistance at 954.928.0059