Money Laundering Cases

I have handled many cases of this type over the years; the sum and substance of the violation is the exchange of tainted funds the source of which is disguised into legitimate funds. Money laundering can be as simple an act as making a deposit of tainted funds into a bank account. It is commonly charged in federal Indictments with narcotics offenses and provides a more stringent scheme of punishment under the federal sentencing guidelines generally being tied to the amount of the laundered funds at issue for sentencing purposes.

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As a former Assistant Attorney General as well as an Assistant United States Attorney, previously working for the prosecution, my expansive familiarity with the government’s case will assist my clients’ and become a vital benefit on their behalf. As a team we will combat all charges brought forth by the prosecution, assuring the highest possible best result by the delivery of a well-planned defense.

Don’t put off making the call. Initiating a creative, well thought out clever defense at the earliest instant of a criminal proceeding can only assist in gaining a positive outcome. Again, call me at 954-928-0059 for immediate assistance if a charge of Money Laundering is purported by the prosecution. My 35-plus years of experience will be of great assistance to you or someone close to you who has been charged with this crime!

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