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Paul Steven Bricker Manslaughter Case

Paul Steven Bricker, a sailor in the US Navy has been found guilty and sentenced to a ten year term of imprisonment for the crime of manslaughter, after he stabbed his friend Navy Chief, Gerard Curran in 2009, after he committed suicide. Mr. Bricker did this to make Mr. Curran's death look like a robbery to ensure his family would receive benefits from the military. Instead of intervening and running for help, Prosecutors alleged that Mr. Bricker simply watched as Mr. Curran killed himself before trying to cover it up.

According to Mr. Bricker's criminal defense attorney, Mr. Curran had approached Mr. Bricker and begged for him to help him die, but he was concerned that if he decided to commit suicide, his wife, who he is estranged from and the two children from their marriage would be denied death benefits from the Navy, according to the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. At first, Bricker rebuffed the request, but after thinking about it he returned to where he last saw Mr. Curran and relented to his request.

It is thought that Mr. Bricker observed as Mr. Curran strangulated himself by use of a rubber athletic type band in June 2009. Apparently after he lost consciousness, Bricker waited a short time and then stabbed Curran with a knife in the area of his chest until he believed Curran to be dead. After the deed was done he removed the evidence and proceeded to leave the area. Mr. Curran's body was later found in the park by police.

Mr. Bricker charged with manslaughter after his arrest principally due to a confession he made another friend about his actions. He was subsequently convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to ten years, although five of those years are suspended.

His “Mr. Bricker had noble intentions and was simply trying to help a friend.” As stated by his criminal defense attorney.

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