Man Plead Not Guilty To Sex Charge

Sexual Assault

Steven Johnson pled not guilty today to a charge of a sexual act relating to a minor. The child asserts that he held her confined to his house in excess of three years. Police arrested both Mr. Johnson and his mother, Owida Johnson after a 19-year-old woman told police that Johnson kept her captive there for three years, repeatedly sexually assaulting and beating her.

The teen told police that she met Johnson socially and went to his home voluntarily but then wasn't allowed to leave. She claimed she was finally able to escape Aug. 20 with help from a relative. She also claimed that Johnson was the father of her 2-year-old child who was conceived during the time of her captivity according to police.

Johnson, who was over 18 at the time of the alleged seizure, was charged with five offenses, including drug & weapons violations and promotion of prostitution. Only one of the five charges, which is a felony count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse that contends that he had sex with the teen around the time she disappeared, relates to the her. That charge accuses Johnson of having sex with her while she was underage.

The Johnsons remained jailed without bond.

If I find myself or a family member facing these charges what do I do next?