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Mail Fraud (Remarks by Mr. Cohen, Case Example)

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I can remember the first significant mail fraud case I handled as a federal prosecutor.

A well-known and well respected postage stamp company was sold to an unscrupulous operator who continued to use the name of the respected company.

The defendant in that case solicited business through the use of the mails to obtain a great deal of money from stamp collectors who thought they were getting a great deal on stamps.

Instead they got nothing but a lighter pocketbook and no stamps of any kind.

After a thorough investigation the defendant was indicted and convicted for mail fraud.

It took a jury trial to accomplish our prosecutorial goals but the case unquestionably showed that the operator had the knowledge and intent to defraud the public regarding his business dealings.

I have handled many mail fraud prosecutions and defenses since that early experience in my career,

I have learned that the intent of my client is the key component of his defense in such cases. This factor is something juries are always very concerned about and a prosecutor must be able to prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt to prevail in such a case, particularly if the defendant takes the stand and testifies in his own defense.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer like myself takes pains to make sure his client is ready willing and able to testify in such situations.

A thorough working knowledge of the United States Sentencing Guidelines and their relationship to the amount of the loss in such frauds is also a key component to a client's decision about fighting the case or working out a favorable plea agreement.

These are things I have done continuously over the years and it demonstrates what I can do for you when you hire my law firm to represent you.

I look forward to vigorously defending your liberty and rights in these and other prosecutions.

A current newsworthy article detailing a mail fraud prosecution will be posted in this slot in the near future. In the meantime, if you’re interested in reading articles that detail mail fraud as well as other specific types of fraud, follow this link to read such articles on my legal blog