Identity Theft

Michael B. Cohen, Esq. is an outstanding Fort Lauderdale based Identity Theft attorney dedicated to defending your Constitutional rights against all criminal allegations pursued by the federal government.
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South Florida is the leading area for this type of crime in the United States.

I have handled many of these cases over the years both in the State and federal courts.

Enhanced penalties are provided for aggravated identity theft requiring consecutive sentences in the event of a conviction in such cases. Thus my experience has ranged from a recent federal prosecution concerning the theft of thousands pieces of personal information including social security numbers by a law firm employee to the successful representation of a woman who assumed the identity of a dead infant where I was able to obtain a probationary sentence for her.

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My broad involvement as a former Assistant Federal Prosecutor will develop into a major benefit on your behalf, fighting all charges lodged, and assuring the best possible defense as well as delivering the best possible end result.

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