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Hackers Exploit New Device Vulnerabilities to Steal Identities

Michael Cohen is a Fort Lauderdale identity theft attorney with close to 40 years of combined experience working equally for the prosecution and as a public attorney in Florida and New York. In the State of Florida, he has two offices in Fort Lauderdale as well as a West Palm Beach location. If you have been charged with identity theft and need immediate help, contact Mr. Cohen at the telephone numbers listed above, or use the email forms found on each page of this Website.

In recent weeks I've posted new pages on this Website and my legal blog detailing the topic of Identity Theft. In this new page I'll explain how hackers can exploit other new devices that most people wouldn't think could be used to breach and gather their personal information.

On a previous page I explained Phishing Scams which is the primary method hackers' use to attempt to steal personal data through your email. On this page I'll describe other methods used that most of us wouldn't give a second thought.

Most people already know that your personal computer can be attacked by others that wish to do you harm or attempt to compromise your personal information. Because of this, most new computers come with virus software with plans that can be activated for a cost-effective annual charge. Companies like Symantec (Norton), McAfee, Trend Micro and others have contracts with PC merchants which can be activated when a new computer is first set up. And the field is rapidly growing as new cyber security companies such as PC Matic display their plans for services via what seem to be never-ending TV commercials mostly on cable news channels. This year's top ten anti-virus software reviews can be found here.

But the same hasn't been true for smartphones. Virus protection is not heavily addressed or advertised mainly because most people believe they're safe as is.

Before I move on to the vulnerabilities associated with smartphones, let's explore one more accessory to your computer which has recently been observed to be a novel technique of breaking into your computer.

A recent online article from Newsweek shows how hackers can attack your computer using a wireless mouse.

According to the article most of these devices use unencrypted signals to connect with your computer and are subject to a hacker's access. The hacker can break into the mouse using an antenna, a wireless chip that's known as a dongle and the addition of some basic computer code to fool the wireless chip now connected to the computer into accommodating it as a mouse for very little cost.

This "dongle" can now be used to trick the computer into believing that it is your keyboard, virtually allowing the hacker thorough access. Now the intruder has the ability to do everything you do as if they were sitting in front of your computer. To read the complete article, dated 3/24/16, click here.

Returning to the category of smart phones, up until recently, Apple had professed that it's iPhone as well as the programs available in its app store was secure. But toward the end of last year Apple had to admit that its app store was indeed hacked causing them to remove over three hundred malware-infected apps that were affected by the attack.

The malicious program named XcodeGhost so blatantly infected some applications that Gatekeeper, Apple's own security software had to be disabled. XcodeGhost was found to be embedded in hundreds of authentic apps and had the ability to leak personal data to potential cyber-criminals from those who downloaded them.

The problem is not exclusive to iPhones and other Apple products such as their IPad. The Android operating system is also susceptible to attacks by those looking to steal personal data both in their smartphones and tablets.

New virus protection software has been manufactured to combat this new threat and as the public becomes more aware the demand for these types of apps will increase.

To read about steps you can take to protect your smartphone from hackers click here.

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