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Fort Lauderdale International Child Abduction Lawyer

The Hague Act, commonly known as the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, concerns the repatriation or expedition of visitation rights relating to children who are wrongly relocated out of the United States, in many cases in violation of family court directives.

The United States became an adoptee of the Hague Convention and its requirements in 1988; relating to child abductions to and from the U.S. among its other topics of its Conventions.

In many situations, Hague Act cases concern the repatriation of children to foreign parents from the United States after they are kidnapped by the other parent.

The Hague Conference on Private International Law is a global multilateral inter-governmental organization that currently has 82 member countries in addition to the European Union and other countries that haven't formally adopted the Conference bringing its total participation close to 150 individual member Nation States and non-member Nation states. The organization is located in The Hague, Netherlands.

To become a participant of The Hague Conference, a Nation State must have taken part in at least one prior session, and then accept its Statute. Membership can also be proposed by one or more of its active members. Then the candidate must pass the threshold of a majority vote by all of its partners.

Hague Act adoptees can be found in all five continents.

The Hague Act addresses two main concerns which are explained as follows:
To secure the speedy return of minors 16 years of age and under who are wrongfully removed or taken by any persons residing in a *Contracting State.

A *Contracting State as defined by the 1969 Vienna Convention law on treaties as a Country/Nation State "that has consented to be bound by the treaty, whether or not the treaty has entered into force."

The second effort of the Act is striving to ensure that rights of custody and access under the law of one Contracting State are effectively respected in other Contracting States.

The ultimate objective of the Body as a whole is to utilize compromise through agreed upon legal means throughout the world regardless of the differences among each member's legal systems; insuring individuals as well as businesses an appreciation of a high degree of legal security.

Although the laws of the United States may not apply when taking legal actions abroad, special rules known as "private international law" rules have been ironed out among member nations.

In a case where a minor child is taken by a parent from their habitual residence, if that country is a party to The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, the child will usually be returned to the country of origin.

As a International Child Abduction Lawyer practicing in Fort Lauderdale  whose practice focuses on federal criminal cases as well as criminal allegations filed by the State of Florida.

His civil practice is also geared to represent Unfair Competition Claims, Trademark, Copyright, and Patent Infringement cases, as well as being a highly-proficient International Child Abduction Attorney.

Over the past few years Mr. Cohen has developed a specialized familiarity of Hague Act cases in an area of the law where there is a need for these specialized practitioners.

As a Fort Lauderdale International Child Abduction Lawyer, Mr. Cohen's abilities to succeed in these matters provide the support and legal expertise to resolve the issue of disagreement by use of existing International law concluding with an anticipated outcome.

Reuniting with your child can be a traumatic event. Once he's successfully used the legal system at his disposal, Mr. Cohen can provide the guidance in relation to reunification with your child, and help synchronize U.S. and foreign government involvement.  

You may also be entitled to funds that assist with the reunification process. The US Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime has established a fund titled The Federal Crime Victim Assistance Fund. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children administers this fund for parents who need financial assistance.

If you or someone close to you meets the criteria explained above, an International Child Abduction Lawyer practicing in Fort Lauderdale will be required to assist you with all legal answers and actions to recover your loved one.

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