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Florida Man Indicted for Identity Theft Using Counterfeit Access Devices

In Case No 13-cr-20841-WPD an Indictment was returned on November 7, 2013 charging Yanier Manso with possessing 15 or more counterfeit access devices used to access the credit of unsuspecting individual victims.

Originally federal agents received a tip that Manso and his girlfriend were cultivating a marijuana grow house in their apartment. Although this proved to be incorrect a subsequent consent search of Manso's apartment revealed the presence of over 250 counterfeit access devices in Manso and his girlfriend’s name and the name of a third individual with the initials “J.C.”. The equipment included two apparatuses which are known to be used to generate the raised numbers on what are known to be access devices, recognized as embossers. Additionally, one tipping machine, along with tipping foil which is used to make these raised numbers shinny or silver, other parts that are used to construct an access device skimmer which is used in the production of ATM’s, two encoders which are machines that performs swipes to the access device; reprogramming it so the updated number will now be encoded, as well as three driver’s licenses with the name of “J.C.” displaying as its ownership but with Manso’s picture intact. The conclusion that the items found in Manso’s apartment are generally used to create fraudulent and counterfeit access devices can be substantiated by the agent’s (M.B. Dubea) experience and training.

The search that took place at Manso’s apartment was carried out by additional US Secret Service agents along with agent Dubea who were present when he was read and orally waived his Miranda rights. Upon questioning, Manso admitted to payment and receipt of the credit card account numbers delivered to him by a Hispanic female. He also acknowledged that the parts from the automated teller tipping and skimmer machines, complete with the tipping foil were supplied from a separate associate who he refused to name. He stated that he purchased the two embossers from sources he found on the Internet and detailed that the actual software used for the skimming access devices was installed on a major branded laptop computer which the agents found in his residence.

Manso was originally arrested for this incident On March 9 2010 and the charges were filed in a criminal complaint (Case no 10-2289-Bandstra).

This complaint was superseded by the above described indictment.

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