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Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes encompass a wide variety of offenses which all involve an element of deception and are inspired by illegal personal or corporate financial gain. Unless they involve bodily harm to the victim, they are primarily associated as white collar crimes.

There are many pages on this website that detail areas of these types of crimes such as sections relating to specific types of frauds such as Mortgage Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Securities Fraud, Identity Theft, and Money Laundering.

This new section will dig deeper into other branches of financial crimes, their histories, penalties, and defenses for them to assist you if you, a family member, or a close friend is charged with any of these crimes or if you become aware an investigation has been launched.

Financial crimes can be tried in both the federal courts as well as by the State of Florida depending on certain aspects of the crime such as the monetary amount in question, as well as the location of the crime and assertions of its severity.

The nationwide law enforcement struggle against Financial Crimes is constantly evolving and is being looked at by law enforcement leaders as offenses that need to be taken very seriously. Each year, a symposium is held addressing new issues relating to the subject by top law enforcement officials. Last week (November 18, 2015), the International gathering was held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, hosted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

If you are arrested for any of the offenses listed in this section it is crucial that you consult a Fort Lauderdale Financial Crimes Lawyer to be by your side throughout the legal process. Attorney Michael B. Cohen is particularly proficient in this area of the law on both a federal level as well as if charges have been filed by the State of Florida. His previous employment with the prosecution during the early years of his career as a former Assistant Attorney General as well as an Assistant United States Attorney for the federal government and an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida make him the logical choice to fight any allegations relating to these types of offenses and help you to resolve your individual case with the best possible outcome.

He is a dedicated advocate of compelling the prosecution to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and forcefully fights criminal allegations on his clients' behalf. Call him 24/7 if a situation arises where the help he provides is required. All first consultations and case evaluations are without cost.