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Federal Domestic Violence and Kidnapping

If you are accused, arrested, or under investigation for any federal offense, a criminal attorney whose practice is primarily dedicated to the defense of federal legal charges is imperative for defending your rights and guiding you through the entirety of the legal process and the accusations alleged.

My law office primarily serves Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties as well as all the surrounding areas of South Florida. My expertise lies in the defense of allegations relating to federal cases brought forward by the government.

In a current federal case tried in our area, last month, a South Florida truck driver became the first individual ever convicted in this District under the Interstate Domestic Violence statute in federal court. This unprecedented conviction was accompanied by a kidnapping conviction paving the way for a possible sentence of life in prison.

Timothy John Miers, 47, a Florida resident was convicted of both charges after a trial before a federal jury that lasted a full week. Evidence presented at trial demonstrated that Miers held his female victim captive in his 18-wheel tractor-trailer between the dates of August 11, and 21 of last year as he drove from Boston, MA to our area. On what became the final day of her ordeal, the victim dove out of the window of the truck's cab, running to a group of people who were present at a Medley, Florida truck stop. With two black eyes, she was bleeding from one ear and her nose, and her body was covered in bruises.

Once law enforcement arrived she vividly described her ten day nightmare at the hands of her captor.  

During the trial three other women who previously had relationships with Miers testified against him. One of the women was his ex-wife. The two single women testified that Miers became abusive and violent during the course of their relationships, one of them saying that he viciously punched her in the face when she tried to get out of his vehicle against his will. His ex-wife stated that he used a combination of physical and psychological torture, withholding food and compelling her to urinate in a bucket. She also said that in addition to the constant beatings he threatened to kill her and her daughter if they ever attempted to flee. At trial, the prosecution indicated that a fourth woman was also victimized by Miers. This victim hurled herself out of the cab of his truck at high speed into oncoming traffic while screaming "he's going to kill me". She was aided by individuals at the scene.

In another case involving the defendant, court documents exposed yet another situation involving Miers and another ex-girlfriend who was reported in a missing persons report. Public documents show that blood apparently belonging to the woman was discovered in the bathroom of an apartment they lived in together. In this separate case, no charges were ever filed and the findings were not admitted into court testimony at his trial.

The latest victim's description of her treatment by Miers was horrifying and multiple images found in his smart phone clearly showed the results of the abuse. Additionally, a confiscated video which Miers filmed displaying the sexual assault and battery he performed on the victim was uncovered. The recording revealed him telling her that she could expect a lifetime of daily beatings and stressed that she would become his sex slave. He also bragged that he had beaten, terrorized, and murdered other women in the past, and if she tried to escape she could expect the same fate. The images showed the 40-year old women brutally bruised and battered. She had no doubt that her escape at the truck stop was the only thing that saved her life.

Being convicted of the kidnapping charge by itself could hold a sentence of life in prison. The sentence for the conviction under the Interstate Domestic Violence statute holds a penalty of up to ten years for each count.

Miers was represented by a federal public defender and his experience and abilities will become crucial at sentencing if Miers is to face anything less than the maximum sentence. It is not clear if the verdict will be appealed.

With over thirty five years of combined experience as an Assistant United States Attorney for the prosecution and presently a federal criminal defense attorney working for you, following my guidance and counsel is the correct choice if charges are pending or have been filed by the government in a federal criminal action.

There is always a defense to counter federal allegations.

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