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Federal Contract Killing

If you, a loved one, or someone close to you is charged with the involvement of a contract killing or conspiracy to commit murder for hire, a conviction will result with an extremely punitive sentence. It is of critical importance to hire an attorney who is an expert relating to these allegations whether the charges are brought forward by the state or the federal government. My law office is experienced in the defense of federal accusations as well as charges under the directive of the laws of the state of Florida. Even if the case is dismissed or a verdict of not guilty is reached at trial, the mere implications of a charge such as this can have a shattering effect on your life. But also keep in mind; any convictions for a federal crime are usually very steep and impose long prison sentences.

Although a case of murder for hire can be prosecuted by the individual states it will be deemed a federal case and prosecuted by the government if it meets the following criteria:

If state lines were crossed with intent to commit the act whether the traveling was done by the assailant or the victim, federal jurisdiction will be applied. Additionally, if it can be proven that during the commission of the crime there was communication by the mail system or any facility of interstate or foreign commerce as well as the wires (telephone, computer, etc.) in the attempt or completion of the crime this too would be foundation for the federal government to take the lead.  

By definition a failed contract killing can be tried as the crime of conspiracy as it involves more than one person engaging in an agreement to commit a criminal act with the intention of carrying out the crime. The same rules of jurisdiction would apply to this type of conspiracy to commit a homicide. Of course this "contract" is an illegal agreement to begin with and can only be considered null and void as far as a legal contract goes upon its inception. Both the individual who hired the party to commit the murder as well as the person charged with doing the deed could be charged with the murder if the result is effective. In addition to a conspiracy charge an unsuccessful attempt would also leave both parties answerable for charges of attempted first degree murder.

The illegal contract between the involved parties may be set into motion with a promise of monetary benefits or property, as well as any other consideration that would be agreeable to the person hired to commit the killing and is of course a non-enforceable contract.

The Murder for Hire statute was enacted as part of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, which is written about in further detail on another page of my Website relating to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines of 1984 and can be read in detail by clicking here. Source: The United States Department of Justice.

Federal murder by contract is one of many crimes that may have death penalty implications if a conviction occurs. To view the latest complete list, click here and scroll to page 7. Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics

If you suspect you are a target of an investigation by either the State of Florida or the federal government, or if an arrest has already been made, call my office as early as possible to acquire the suitable representation needed to defend your rights and have a strong advocate on your side which a strong defense requires. As a former Assistant State Attorney and a former Assistant United States Attorney the experience I bring to contest all state or federal legal allegations is what will be needed to get the best results no matter what the charges may be. My law firm services Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County as well as all other jurisdictions throughout the state

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