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Driving Under the Influence - DUI

If you are facing DUI charges it is important to understand the possible penalties if you're convicted of this crime.

It's also important to note that sentences can widely vary depending on many factors; including a prosecutor's commitment to the case, the judges (or jury's) own personal feelings and the attorney you choose to represent you.

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If you are pulled over by law enforcement while operating a motor vehicle, the officer will usually judge your overall actions and reactions before making a determination if they believe your blood alcohol level may possibly be over the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

If they come to this opinion in the affirmative they will most likely ask you to take a breathalyzer test which will measure the percentage of alcohol in your blood.

If you refuse this request you are basically already breaking the law by breaching what is known as "implied consent" as it's clearly written on all Florida drivers licenses that the "Operator of a motor vehicle constitutes consent to any sobriety test required by law."

Violating "implied consent" may result in the suspension of your license for up to one year. A secondary offender who refuses to undergo a breathalyzer test may be charged with a misdemeanor. This refusal can result in jail time of up to a one year period.

While refusing a breathalyzer may be damaging to your specific case, refusing to answer questions will not be held against you. It is your right under the Miranda ruling to remain silent until you retain an attorney to stand in for your best interests.

Although DUI cases are not tried by juries in all fifty states, Florida does allow this option. But less than 10 percent of these types of cases ever go before a jury for trial.

Most cases are resolved through a plea deal between the prosecution and the defense attorney with the approval and consent of their client and the presiding judge.

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After a DUI arrest has been made an individual will be held until they are allowed to submit their plea when they are formally charged before a judge. This proceeding is a court appearance known as an arraignment.
Although a plea can offered without the assistance of a lawyer (as it can always be changed at a later date) my office suggests that counsel be retained to be by a defendant's side during every step of the process.

If you or someone you care about is charged with any type of DUI it is important to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney before a confession to a crime is offered.

You have the options of pleading guilty as charged; trying to have the charge brought down to a lesser charge such as reckless driving, or asking for a trial before a judge or jury.

Once a plea is entered you may be released on your own recognizance or held depending on the severity of the charges. Bail may also be requested to gain your release.

The penalties for a conviction for DUI can vary depending on the individual circumstances from as little as a small fine or probation to a mandatory minimum sentence of 4 years or more if serious bodily injury or a death is involved by an accident.

To view all Florida DUI and Administrative Suspension Laws for a conviction of this charge click here to view them on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Website.

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