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Deerfield Beach Sex Crimes Attorney

Michael B. Cohen, Esq. is a Deerfield Beach Sex Crimes Attorney whose Broward County Office is located approximately twenty-five minutes from the of the city's downtown area. His law firm mostly serves Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade Counties staunchly defending State and Federal criminal allegations.

Deerfield Beach is known for its pristine beaches and the Deerfield Beach Pier that attracts thousands of tourists as well as fisherman yearly.

Deerfield Beach's police matters fall under the governance of the Broward Sheriff's Office whose local office is located at 150 NE 2nd Avenue. The Sheriff's Office Website can be visited by clicking here and their record search for arrest records in the Deerfield Beach area can be found by clicking this link. Their non-emergency phone number is 954.480.4200 but you should call 911 for all police required emergencies.
Other search links on the Internet with quick access to Criminal and Civil Court records for Deerfield Beach can be accessed by clicking the Broward County Clerk of Courts Website link. The Website's inmate and arrest record search can be found by clicking here.

Overall crime in Deerfield Beach is about eight percent above the National average and based on every 50,000 people there are approximately 4.19 crimes of varying types daily. Yet, Deerfield Beach is considered safer that 32 Percent of all American cites.

As a  Sex Crimes Attorney, who practices close to Deerfield Beach, Florida, Mr. Cohen has effectively handled several variants of these types of cases including sexual assault which is highlighted on his monthly blog as well as occurrences of  human trafficking.

A recent article detailing such a criminal matter is described below. 

Deerfield Beach Man Accused of Human Trafficking and Other Sex Crimes  
Recruiting women from all over the country, one from Orlando and others from as far away as Atlanta, Rochester, New York, Texas and Colorado, Robert Miner of Deerfield Beach used techniques of intimidation and physical abuse to force girls to first work at an escort service he operated, before putting them on the street and in local hotels to work as prostitutes.

When each of the girls first arrived he told them he didn't have any work available for dancers, only openings for "companions". 

One girl was caught in Miner's web after pursuing a Craigslist ad supposedly hiring girls as exotic dancers

Promising the women that their earnings would be used to buy them housing and cars in a short period of time was Miner's "hook".

Miner was arrested near the Florida-Georgia border when troopers pulled over his vehicle in late October (2017). A BOLO (Be on the lookout) was activated fitting his description. He is now charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, human trafficking, deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution and money laundering.

The women who were interviewed by Broward Sheriff's Deputies and Florida Department of Law Enforcement during their investigation which began in 2016 all had tales of horror to tell about their treatment by Miner, including in one case rape by knifepoint before he sent her to local hotels to work for him as a prostitute. She also told investigators that Miner kept all the money she earned.

Many of the victims claimed that Miner used an environment of fear, having them believe that if they didn't do what he wanted they faced brutal physical harm. He threatened many of them by casually showing them his gun and in at least one case beat his quarry into submission.

Miner was arrested in mid-October and remains at the Broward Main Jail without bail and is the eleventh man to be arrested for human trafficking in the Palm Beach County area since the beginning of the year. Miner was previously placed on probation after pleading no contest for a Coral Springs robbery in 2011.

This particular case will be challenging for a lawyer to defend because of the large amount of eye-witness testimony and allegations. But many charges relating to sex crimes are much easier to defend.

In cases of alleged sexual assault many circumstances are no more than a "he said, she said" situation where the prosecution must prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mr. Cohen can be reached at his main office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which is just minutes away from Deerfield Beach. The office is located at 6400 North Andrews Ave and the firm's hours of operation are 24/7.  This guarantees his continuous accessibility when calling him at: 954.928.0059.

If you, a friend or a family member, is arrested for any allegations of this type of crime, an experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer who practices near Deerfield Beach is essential to speak with as soon as a phone call can be made.

A conviction for a sex related crime can have devastating effects on your life including being added to the FDLE sexual predator registry. 

Don't allow charges such as these to ruin your life, when the Deerfield Beach Law Office of Michael B. Cohen is just a phone call away.

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