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The Criminal Defense Firm of Michael B. Cohen, P.A. has wide-ranging understanding of federal courts and processes as well as state court proceedings His career originated as an Assistant State Attorney for Broward County. He then served as Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida as well as Assistant Attorney General.
From this experience, he understands how the prosecution builds their case and how to mount the most aggressive and effective defense in return.

As a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer with an AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review RatingSM by Martindale-Hubbell®, distinctions held by only a small percentage of all lawyers in Florida, Michael Cohen has successfully defended clients at scores of trials—including murders, drug trafficking and other complex state and federal cases.  Whether you are accused of a capital crime or a much less serious offense, his criminal defense law firm is dedicated to protecting your rights under the Constitution and federal and Florida laws.

Additionally, Mr. Cohen is a Fort Lauderdale International Child Abduction Lawyer.

This specific area of the federal legal system addresses Hague Act cases which were agreed upon by eighty two separate countries for the purpose of respectfully utilizing each country's various laws in conjunction with the suppression of child abductions which takes place crossing International borders.

The rules and regulations of these laws were adopted by the United States in 1988 through its membership with the Hague Convention based in the Netherlands.

The idea of this convention was to reach compromise between laws that may vary between diverse countries in a unified attempt to return abducted children to their country of origin.

Mr. Cohen's consummate knowledge of this area of federal law assists parents and other guardians where there is a paramount need for such specialized practitioners.

If you've lost a child to this unbearable circumstance, call Mr. Cohen for a free consultation and case evaluation. Few federal lawyers are as familiar with Hague Convention litigation.

Click here to learn more about Hague Act cases on a page which is devoted to its working on this Website.

In addition to Mr. Cohen's federal and state criminal practice he's also accomplished proficiency when handling an array of civil litigation.

His law firm offers assistance with Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Unfair Competition Claims, which is an area of civil law where Mr. Cohen excels. Find out if you have a legitimate legal case if you believe your intellectual property, and rights to them have been infringed upon or violated.

Click here to read about Examples of Intellectual Property Cases and watch a short video of Mr. Cohen explaining the topic.

Criminal Law in Florida

The Criminal Law Firm of Michael B. Cohen, Esq. represents clients throughout the state of Florida concentrating in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami as well as all other jurisdictions within the state.
His services in addition to the above include a full range of Criminal Law Processes as well as Federal Civil Matters, including:

Zealous Defense Of Your Constitutional Rights

In the South Florida area, contact Mr. Cohen by clicking here or call him at 954.928.0059 in Dade and Broward County or 561.366.8200 in the Palm Beaches.