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Cooper City Federal Appeals Lawyer

Cooper City is located less than fifteen miles west of the center of Fort Lauderdale and an approximate 20 minute ride by car to the Cooper City Law Office of Michael B. Cohen Esq.

Mr. Cohen's criminal law practice specializes in defending clients who've been accused of committing federal crimes, although his practice also includes expert defense strategies for those who face allegations filed by the State of Florida.

His main office is a short drive from Cooper City, located at 6400 North Andrews Ave and he can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: 954.928.0059.
His office is centrally located off the I-95 Cypress Creek Road exit.
Federal cases defended by Mr. Cohen for the residents of Cooper City are charges including but are not limited to Tax Evasion, Computer and Internet Crimes, Murder for Hire cases, Kidnapping, Racketeering (RICO) and federal narcotics charges.

Other cases that Mr. Cohen's office defends under which are prosecuted under federal jurisdiction are federal fraud cases, Money Laundering, Identity Theft and Bank Robbery

He also presents an expert legal defense for those who have been found guilty at their original trial and are seeking to appeal the verdict of the court.

Numbers and Links of Importance for Cooper City
Civil and Criminal Court records for Cooper City can be found through the Broward County Clerk of Courts. An inmate and arrest record search link that covers the entire area can be found by clicking here.

The Website for Cooper City can be visited by clicking here and the phone number for the Cooper City Police Department is 954.432.9000, but if you need police for an emergency situation you should always call 911.

Links to all Cooper City federal agencies can be found by directly clicking here.

Cooper City Man Convicted of Bank Robbery Seeks Appeal
In a recent case involving a man from Cooper City, Robert Watson was convicted of Bank Robbery. He was sentenced to twelve years and eight months in federal prison.

Watson asserted that he was not a career criminal which was the main reason for the lengthy sentence although he was previously convicted of bank robbery on two other separate occasions before in the past.

He also maintained that bank robbery was not a crime of violence which is a point of law that is necessary by definition to mark him to be considered as a career criminal.

The Appeals Court researched and cited previous case law and couldn't find any examples that the district court committed any clear error in judgment when arriving at the time-frame of its sentence.
Without going into much further detail Mr. Watson's appeal was denied.

Michael B. Cohen, Esq. is a Cooper City federal appeals lawyer with one of his conveniently located offices just a few miles from the center of the city. He prides his practice as giving personal service to each and every one of his clients and is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

If you or possibly someone you care about has been convicted of a federal crime and feel the verdict was improper and strongly believe that the decision should be questioned, contact Federal Appeals Attorney Michael B. Cohen, Esq. in the Cooper City area.

His main office in Fort Lauderdale is approximately twenty minutes away from any location in Cooper City at 6400 North Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale Florida.
Call him now at: 954.928.0059.

Mr. Cohen's complete résumé and qualifications can be found by clicking here. He offers a free case evaluation and will let you know if the case has merit.