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Fort Lauderdale Computer and Internet Crimes Lawyer

Attorney Michael B. Cohen is a steadfast defender of his clients that are accused of computer related crimes and alleged offenses relating to the Internet who reside in the Fort Lauderdale Metropolitan area as well as those living in the surrounding counties of South Florida.

As a skilled federal Computer and Internet Crimes defense attorney, practicing in Fort Lauderdale Mr. Cohen's strong knowledge of computer related crimes and defenses to fight them help those that are accused for crimes of these types by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors working with the federal government.

Today, more than ever before, crimes associated with computers and the Internet are growing more than any other types of criminal actions.

Both personal and commercial computers can be both a target as well as a device that can be used as an object of attack.

Experienced hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in operating systems with the aim of planting computer code known as viruses and worms that when activated can work their way through the targeted computer, or computer network, and wreak havoc by copying personal information stored in the device or altering processes that the system is geared to perform.

Many cases of identity theft have been successfully prepared and expedited through this method. Additionally, crimes of this nature automatically fall under the classification of federal wire fraud.

A second method of attacking a person's personal computer is by sending emails with attachments, or links to Websites that contain these malevolent lines of code. These emails are also sent to unsuspecting employees of companies where a successful hack can result in monetary gain for the perpetrator.

If the attachment is opened or the link to a Website is accessed the malicious computer program can be unleashed into the targeted system by executable download.

This manner of attack is known as a phishing scam.

Many professional defensive virus software companies are constantly writing new code to protect computers and networks from these types of assaults, but as quickly as they're able to design a patch to protect against newly written intrusive computer code a hacker can make changes to continue finding vulnerabilities.

Computer hackers can be as close as living in your general area or thousands of miles away in another part of the world. The Internet connects us all and its effects and repercussions occur in what's known as real time (real time means basically "immediate").

If a malicious computer programmer (hacker) wanted to upset a country's monetary exchange, they wouldn't even have to steal funds from a banking institution to do so; they'd only have to muddle customer records.

Financial institutions are constantly backing up records, and in many cases moving them to "the cloud" to hinder such a catastrophe.

Imagine if an expert hacker decided to attack our infrastructure or banking systems. Power grids could be compromised and monetary intuitions could become unstable.

Allegations by the government regarding charges of many computer crimes are technical in nature, and always involve broad investigation. At the Fort Lauderdale based law firm of Michael B. Cohen, qualified forensic and computer experts are engaged to carefully conduct investigations, examining and then assisting with all conceivable defenses.

These experts employed by Mr. Cohen's law office in Fort Lauderdale specifically for Internet and Computer crime allegations know the intricacies of such charges and in an overwhelming amount of cases are able to debunk the government's case or at the least introduce a reasonable doubt to any charges alleged.

Although the government may also call technical witnesses our established specialists in this field are positioned to forcefully challenge the virtues of a case prosecuted by the government.

At The law office of Michael B. Cohen, Esq., computer and Internet allegations are defended for those in proximity to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond. With close to forty years of experience as both a former assistant state and federal prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights. Mr. Cohen works tirelessly to challenge the government's case at every step of the process.

If someone important to you or you yourself has been advised that an investigation has been initiated relating to a computer or Internet crime or even if an arrest has already been made, call the Fort Lauderdale Law form of Michael B. Cohen at the first possible moment.

A free case evaluation is always provided at no cost.