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Coconut Creek Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug cases in South Florida keep the courts very busy. In fact, none of the cities in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach Counties are exempt from arrests, prosecutions and convictions for drug-related charges.

Contact Drug Crimes Attorney practicing near Coconut Creek Michael B. Cohen, Esq. if you are arrested or are currently facing an ongoing drugs crime case.

He can be reached at his main office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which is just twenty minutes away, located at 6400 North Andrews Ave., Suite#505 and by telephone 24/7 at: 954.928.0059

Coconut Creek Police Alert Parents to Warn Children about Marijuana Edibles
At the end of last summer, with schools about to open, Coconut Creek Police were quick to warn parents about the danger of the dealing of edible marijuana products that look just like candy.

Simple possession of marijuana can be punished by a prison sentence even if the amount is not excessive.

If you are convicted of less than 20 grams of the illegal substance you can be sentenced to a year in jail and a fine of up to $1000.

Moreover, a conviction for being caught in possession of more than 20 grams is considered a felony and can be punished by excessive prison terms and expensive fines. Sentences of 5 years or more are not uncommon for convictions relating to possession of more than 20 grams yet less than twenty-five pounds. Fines for these amounts can be up to $5000.

Sale and delivery convictions can result in much steeper penalties and harsher fines

Michael B. Cohen, Esq. is a Coconut Creek Drug crimes lawyer with one of his conveniently located offices just a few miles from the center of city. He prides his practice as giving personal service to each and every one of his clients.

Coconut Creek is a lovely area located in the center of Broward County with a population of about 60,000 as of the taking of the last census. The city rests on an area of about twelve square miles and boasts delightful Florida weather throughout the entire year.

Coconut Creek brags its nickname as the Butterfly Capital of the World, due to the city being the home of the world's largest butterfly aviary, Butterfly World.

Civil and Criminal Court records for Coconut Creek can be found through the Broward County Clerk of Courts and the Coconut Creek Jail is located 4800 W. Copans Rd. The jail is considered to be medium security and its inmate and arrest record search can be found by clicking here.

The Coconut Creek Police Department is situated at the same location and their Website can be visited by clicking here. Their phone number is 954.973.6700 but in the event of an emergency you should always call 911.

Recent Criminal Drug Cases in Coconut Creek   
With the legalization of marijuana by some states in the country, edible marijuana products have skyrocketed nationwide.

But so far in Florida, use of the plant remains illegal, even for medicinal purposes.
Michael Marks was arrested on multiple charges of possession of cannabis when Coconut Creek Police, working on a Crimestopppers tip arrested Marks who was selling the illegal substance out of his Coconut Creek home.

Candies made from cannabis, including lollipops, gummy bears and worms were seized by police who were working the case.

In addition to the edibles, close to twelve pounds of regular marijuana and more than five pounds of THC were seized from the local man's home.

Mr. Marks was taken to the Broward Main Jail and was being held on $3000 bond.

If you are arrested for a drug charge in Coconut Creek or if you are already facing charges for marijuana, cocaine or other types of illegal substances in Coconut Creek, Michael B. Cohen, Esq, can put together an aggressive defense and represent you properly on matters that relate to drug charges in Coconut Creek, Florida. As a former prosecutor and a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida, Mr. Cohen, now a Drug Crimes Attorney practicing near Coconut Creek has the much needed experience relating to drug laws and the criminal procedure that involves these cases.

Challenging the legality of a search and seizure of recreational drugs is usually the first method a lawyer will use to try to discredit the police and prosecution, when defending their client in a case that relates to illegal drug charges.

Mr. Cohen has used this method on numerous occasions and has been able to stop the case from going any further by filing a motion to suppress evidence, and persuading the judge that his claim has merit.

Other defense maneuvers Mr. Cohen has used in the past is challenging probable cause, Miranda violations, and the lack of a valid search warrant, among many other legal defenses.  

Mr. Cohen's complete résumé and qualifications can be found by clicking here.

Don't let a drug charge ruin your life when the Coconut Creek Law Office of Michael B. Cohen is just a phone call away. Call now!