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Client Reviews

"I recently had the privilege of being represented by Mr. Michael B. Cohen and his stellar team, and I cannot emphasize enough the unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and care they provided throughout my case.
From the onset, Daniella, Mr. Cohen’s assistant, was truly exceptional. Her dedication and support throughout each stage of the process were commendable, ensuring that I felt understood, supported, and well-informed at all times.
If you are in search of representation in cases related to the Hague Convention, I can wholeheartedly attest that you’ll be in the best hands with Mr. Cohen. Beyond his vast knowledge and expertise, what sets him apart is his genuine human touch, an invaluable trait that makes a world of difference in such legal matters.
In summary, my experience with Mr. Cohen and his team was nothing short of outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend them not just for their legal acumen but also for the warmth, dedication, and understanding they bring to their work. A truly exemplary law firm."


"My experience with Michael Cohen's law services was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I reached out to him, he demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise. 100% recommend his services!"


"Michael Cohen got me through the most difficult situation of my life. An international abduction / retention of my 3 year old daughter by her mother with a petition under the Hague Convention of the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is a very technical process, and Mr. Cohen’s years of experience and familiarity with these types of cases as well as his depth of experience in Federal court procedures won the day."


"Professional and efficient. Worth every penny"

- ANT G.

"Very honest and straight forward"


"Michael has been amazing through the toughest time of my life. I am very thankful to him for all the work he has put into my case and the constant follow ups."


"Michael B. Cohen fought. He fought and fought and fought some more in what turned into one of the most intensely disputed cases he has dealt with (in his words) in his decades of practicing law. Not a death row appeal, but a petition for my daughter’s repatriation under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. What impressed me the most was his ability to put ego aside and walk away with a negotiated settlement that got me everything I was looking for! Everyone likes winning, and we were in a very strong position. Rather than chance (even though it looked like a minuscule chance) an unfavorable judgement in trial (as you can never be 100% certain), he negotiated with opposing counsel in a recess during the opening minutes of trial. His negotiating took place out of sight and out of earshot, but the team of lawyers on the other side of the case came back looking completely and utterly defeated. It was a win, but both Michael and I were fired up and ready for trial. The deal on the table in front of us was ultimately what we were there for after the long fight, but it wasn’t easy for me to walk away without going through with the actual trial. Michael made sure I got my daughter back on MY terms. Unfortunately my ex-wife is in denial still about just how wrong what she did was, but my day in court will arrive here in Costa Rica. I wish I had Michael and his team here in Costa Rica for the upcoming custody litigation. When Michael speaks, he commands the attention of those around him. There is a depth of knowledge he draws upon which makes everyone in the room sit up and recognize that they are listening to an EXPERT. Seeing him in action was a privilege. I cannot express my gratitude adequately. “Michael B. Cohen is my hero” still falls short."


"The best!
Sadly I have hired many criminal attorneys. 99.9% of them took 1000s of dollars and in return I got nothing. Therefore I can say with certainty that Mr. Cohen is the best. His communication skills, his calmness, compassion and professionalism stand unmatched. I will be forever grateful that Mr. Cohen was recommended to me by a friend."


"The Best Attorney in Broward County"


"Mr. Cohen represented a case of mine, he exceeded my expectation, he did a super great job at representing the case! could never find a better lawyer who follows up!"


"One of the Very Best Attorneys in Town ... If you are looking for an Attorney who has a special skill set & has a rolodex of resources ... He is the Attorney who knows all the parties who make the important decisions ... He carries himself with integrity, kindness & professionalism. 5 Stars. If You Demand the Best ... Mr. Michael B. Cohen is worth your time in making an inquiry on your family's or your own legal behalf. He is recognized as a "Super Lawyer" [Ranked as : The Top 5% Percentile of Best Attorneys in the State of Florida] ... I have placed my family's life in his hands ...he exceeded my expectations. The Best in the business. I Thank you Mr. Cohen. 5 Stars."

- P.H

"Empathic, pro-active, informed: that is my impression of Mr. Cohen, after he has represented me in my case. Anyone that unwillingly gets drawn into a lawsuit probably understands the enormous stress it can cause. I was hit with a malicious lawsuit on top of a traumatic experience. And had Mr. Cohen not quickly picked up on my concerns, I can honestly say I don’t know where I would have been today. As the stress would have been unsustainable to me. He was standing in court to represent me half a day after contacting him. He has always responded to my questions. He has always been courteous, empathic and informed. I can not imagine to on top of the stress of a lawsuit, have to deal with an attorney that may not have your best interest in mind – as I sometimes see people comment after hiring an attorney. Mr. Cohen is probably a gem among his peers, and I can only recommend him to anyone in search of an attorney."

- A.O.

"I am very pleased with Mr. Cohen and his staff @Dj Dread I can attest to Mr. Cohen Comment on Pro Bono work as he has courteously offered to take on one of my cases in such manner. He has worked in the federal level in New York for many years, and that alone tells you enough you need to hear. I would suggest his services to anyone out there needed defense."


"Michael Cohen did an exemplary job handling my case. Him and his staff are very courteous and detail oriented. I'd choose him again to represent me for a case, but I'm really not planning on seeing that courthouse anytime in the near future lol."


"Michael Cohen is ranked AV in Martindale Hubble, a ratings guide for lawyers. The A indicates a high degree of legal knowledge and the V indicates that he is very ethical.
He is a highly intelligent and honest lawyer. I recommend him highly."


"Michael is truly, not only an AMAZING lawyer, but one of the smartest guys out there. Michael is so smart, that he has actually taken the time to become my friend. lol
Thank you my dear friend for a great job and for this new friendship. My best to you and all the team at the office and of course, please give my love to Mrs. Andrea.
I HIGHLY recommend this amazingly good looking and big hearted Mensch. He will for sure keep you out of jail. Thanks Mike.
One love... GOD bless."


"Mr. Cohen proved to me and my client to be a very tough trial attorney, who's willing to go far beyond his line of duty to serve our best interest. I am proud to say that he is now my go-to attorney and a good friend. Thanks for being there with us, through thick and thin, Michael. I'll never forget - you're a real mensch!"

- ALI D.

"Michael Cohen is a colleague and personal friend. If I am ever asked for a referral for a criminal law attorney, Michael is my first "go to". He sincerely cares about his clients and practices law with the highest standard of ethics. I am proud to be a member of the Florida Bar with Michael Cohen."


"I have consulted with attorney Michael Cohen for many different legal matters and he has always been very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for an attorney. "