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Case Results

Throughout many years of service as a Florida and federal prosecutor as well as in private practice, Mr. Cohen has established a reputation as a tough litigator. As a criminal defense lawyer, he has represented his clients in many major court cases. Listed below are some of these noteworthy cases.

Mr Cohen is listed annually in the annual editions of Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America as he was for the present year (2023).

State v Dwight Lynch 

In State v Dwight Lynch Mr Cohen reently tried this serious matter in June 2023 charging his client Dwight Lynch with Aggravated Battery with a firearm a first degree felony in Florida punishable by a minimum mandatory 25 year sentence

After a jury trial held over a four day period in June 2023, the jury acquitted the defendant of all felony charges

United States v Butler

In United States v Butler; Case No: 21-cr-60085-RS-1 Mr Cohen successfully obtained a bond for the defendant in a serious narcotics case despite the fact that the federal bond statute contains a rebuttable presumption that a defendant is not entitled to bond

Moreover Mr Cohen obtained a sentence 60 months below Ms Butler's sentencing guideline range based upon Mr Cohen's successful arguments at the defendant's sentencing hearing

United States v Meikle

In United States v Meikle, case number 20-CR-60036-RKA , Mr Cohen represented a defendant who was charged with Computer Fraud in violation of Title 18 USC section 1030(a)(2) and Aggravated Identity Theft in violation of 18 USC section 1028(a)(1). 

State v. Owran Green

After Mr. Cohen submitted his appellate briefs and presented his oral argument, the Florida Supreme Court changed the law regarding foreign born individuals who seek to withdraw their guilty pleas after failing to be warned about the deportation consequences of those guilty pleas.

Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments click here.

United States v. Ali Hussein Khalaf

In United States v. Ali Hussein Khalaf Case No: 11-20075 CR Ungaro, the defendant was charged in a multi count Indictment with conspiring to aid and abet the manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance (cocaine); he was also charged with aiding and abetting the distribution of controlled substances and sale of drug paraphernalia including cut (the substance allegedly used to dilute the purity of controlled substances); After the filing of motions to dismiss by the defense, all the charges against Mr. Khalaf were dismissed by the government.
Posted August 10th, 2012

United States v Joel Hernandez Sanchez

In United States v Joel Hernandez Sanchez Case No 12-CR-20173 Cr Lenard the defendant was charged with Aggravated Identity Theft in count I of this Indictment and two additional counts of Bringing in and Harboring an Alien. After a four day jury trial, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts of the Indictment.
Posted August 10th, 2012

United States v. Daniel Cleary

In United States v. Daniel Cleary, Case No:11-CR-60019-WPD the defendant was charged with two counts of impersonating a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and thirty one additional counts of possession of law enforcement badges and identification cards as prohibited by law ; Mr Cleary was sentenced to probation on one of the counts of the Indictment only; All of the other 33 counts in the Indictment were dismissed.
Posted August 10th, 2012

United States v. Damaris Elias

In United States v. Damaris Elias, the defendant was charged in Count I of the Indictment with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and a second count of maintaining drug involved premises; After Mr. Cohen initially entered a not guilty plea on his clients behalf,all of the charges against this defendant were ultimately dismissed by the Government.
Posted July 14, 2012

Operation Swordfish

As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Mr. Cohen, along with three other Assistant U.S. Attorneys, prosecuted this case. It was an example of the first major type of case of its kind prosecuted by the United States government dealing in money laundering against over more than one hundred indicted individuals.

United States v. Sanchez

Mr. Cohen served as defense for this serious federal murder case in a 4 month trial in West Palm Beach.

United States v. Minor

The Copyright Act's prohibition against infringement of intangible property, does not extend to interstate transportation of stolen property.

United States v. Posado

Polygraph tests are not as such precluded in a criminal proceeding. Admissibility would be governed by the United States Supreme Court Daubert decision and Federal Rule of Evidence 702, which overruled the intrinsic inadmissibility outcome of the United States v. Frye.

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