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In Case No: 13-20840 Cr- Rosenbaum a criminal Information was filed by Trial Attorneys with the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice against Larry R Handfield charging him with two counts of submitting a false document to the Internal Revenue Service in violation of Title 26 USC section 7207. In short Handfield is accused of submitting a false tax return for the 2006 and 2007 tax years and under reporting his gross receipts and business income during those years. The fact that a criminal Information was filed in lieu of an Indictment may indicate that Hanfield has agreed to enter into the plea agreement with the government. It remains to be seen if this is the case.
In Case No: 13-3466 WCT a criminal complaint has been filed against Alan Francisco Alfaro charging him with having been found in the United States after having been deported from the US in violation of Title 8 USC section 1326(a) It is alleged that Alfaro was arrested for battery. Thereafter it was learned that Alfaro had previously been deported from the United States.  Alfaro in a post Miranda confession admitted that he had been previously deported to Honduras in on August 10 2009. These cases  referred to as entry after deportation matters are common here in Southern Florida. The Government's fast track plea policy may come into play in such a case allowing eligible aliens to receive a diminished sentencing guideline score if they agree to dispose of their cases with a plea agreement that contemplates their deportation back to their homeland.