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In Case No 13-3525-JJO William James Price was charged in a criminal complaint with Sex trafficking of a minor by force fraud and coercion in violation of Title 18 USC section 1591 (a)(1) in the Miami Division of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

In short Price was charged with being a pimp who exploited the victim in this case who was 15 years old at the time he met her.

Not only is it alleged that Price had sex with this minor but it is also alleged that Price beat her if she did not produce enough money for him acting as his prostitute.

The case was brought by the Child Exploitation Task Force comprised of both Federal and State law enforcement officials.

In Case No: 13-20837-CR Henry Hernandez Villada is charged in a one count Indictment with distributing five or more kilograms of cocaine knowing it would be imported into the United States in violation of Title 21 USC section 963 and 959 (a)(2). The Indictment also contains a substitute asset provision entitling the government to recover the proceeds of the crime regardless of where the proceeds of the crime may be found in violation of Title 21 USC section 853.

In Case No: 11-2706 Bandstra, Yolanda Johnson aka Jeanette Johnson was charged with knowingly with intent to defraud using one or more unauthorized access devices during a one year period to obtain $1000.00 or more during that period in violation of Title 18 USC section 1029(a)(2).

In short it is alleged that Johnson used a credit card of a deceased individual to obtain numerous items and cash over the course of the year. It is alleged Johnson provided the personal identification information of this deceased individual to have a new credit card mailed to her address.

She was arrested In Rochester New York while attempting to purchase a Nissan Maxima using the identity of another individual

Unfortunately this is one of many identity theft cases in Southern Florida which leads the nation in this type of criminal activity