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CASE#: 0:13-cr-20830-WPD
In a criminal complaint filed on October 23, 2013 officers of the Customs and Border patrol charged Rosmeire Ferreira Lima Pimenta with knowingly possessing and using and attempting to use a United States Visa knowing it to have been procured by means of a false claim or statement in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1546(a).

Although the visa was legitimate the defendant falsely claimed she had not previously been in the United States to obtain the visa.
She thereafter overstayed her permitted visit to the United States.

The complaint signed by Federal Magistrate Judge John J O'Sullivan will most likely be presented to a federal grand jury if the case is indicted. The government may choose to file criminal Information if the defense and government agree that the case can be disposed of without the necessity of grand jury action in anticipation of an early plea agreement

It remains to be seen which course of action will be pursued.

CASE#: 0:13-cr-20831-JEM
In a case assigned to Judge Martinez, Lorin & Son LLC and Francois B Lorin were charged in an Indictment with obstructing and impeding an investigation of the Customs and Border Patrol regarding Chinese Antiquities in violation of  Title 18 USC section 1512(c)(2).  The Indictment also contains a forfeiture count relating to the valuable Asian Art in violation of Title 21 USC section 981(a)(1) (C). 

The defendants are charged with utilizing the services of a law firm to falsely claim that the Chinese Antiquities did not fall within a time period described in a memorandum of understanding entered into in 2009 between the United States and the People's Republic of China. This false information if believed by the CBP in its case would have permitted the importation of these antiquities in violation of the memorandum of understanding.

CASE#: 0:13-cr-60270-WJZ
In an Indictment assigned to Judge William Zloch in the Ft Lauderdale division of the District Court, Wayne Durham was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition in violation of 18 USC section 922(g)(1) and, 18 USC section 924(e).
In addition Durham is charged in a second count of the Indictment with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine in violation of 21 USC section 841(a(1). The Indictment also contains forfeiture allegations concerning the gun and ammunition.